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I am committed to an ethical framework, which is a set of guidelines that ensure my work is safe and puts your wellbeing and choices at the centre of any work I do.

The service I provide is absolutely confidential and private. Whatever you disclose in our session I never reveal outside the session in connection with your identity information, unless I am legally required to by law. These instances are for example if the clients threaten to seriously hurt or kill themselves or another person, or if the client reveal he/she has already seriously hurt or killed another person or sexually abused a vulnerable person. In these exceptions only the therapist is legally required to inform a doctor or other emergency services, or the appropriate authorities. This is to protect the client, others, and as well as the therapist.

During the therapy sessions, or after, notes will be taken by the therapist which will remain confidential. These notes are to help the therapist follow a working process. All session notes are securely stored and password protected. The client can, at anytime, request his/her session notes as well as contact details to be deleted.


Additional Limits of Confidentiality during COVID-19 Pandemic

Public interest is the general welfare and rights of the public that should be recognised, protected and advanced. Disclosures in the public interest, based on the common law, are made where this is essential to prevent a serious and imminent threat to public health. 


This may become relevant if I am exposed or contract the virus. I will be obliged to inform relevant authorities of people you have been in contact with. In this case, confidentiality will need to be broken if necessary for reasons of public interest. Thus, I may need to share your name and contact details, but not the context in which I know you. I will do my best to limit any personal information to your name and contact details. If possible, I will not disclose the context of how I know you.

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