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Are you ready for a positive   change?

My clients come to therapy for many different reasons. Some feel lost in life or depressed, sometimes without any apparent reason. Others experience difficulties in their relationships, and yet others struggle with their habits or dependencies. No matter what reason brings them to therapy, I value their courage and strength to fight their problem.

Using systemic approach to therapy, I will support your hard work to identify what at the bottom of your difficulties lies and help you through the journey to make your desired change happen. We together will focus on recognizing and understanding unhealthy patterns in your life as well as your emotional and behavioural responses to certain situations. In our sessions, we will address what is happening to you at the present and find the ways for you to get back on the balanced life path as soon as possible. You are not alone - I am here to help you and support you on your journey!

Mgr. Zuzana Jochmannova, MSc.
psychologist and therapist
University of Leicester, UK
Charles University, Czechia
Narratio Institut, Czechia - ongoing
Full LinkedIn Profile:
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